Full Papers

The abstract submission phase is over and we have closed the upload functionality. More than 180 abstracts were received and reviewed by the ISSFD program committee. All authors have been informed about approval. The preliminary program is online.

If the ISSFD program committee accepted your abstract for oral or poster presentation, you are requested to submit a full paper. Full papers must be received by September 28, 2015 and can be send to issfd2015@dlr.de. Keep in mind that there is no page limit for your submission, but there is a time limit on your oral talk or poster presentation. We expect the average full paper to have a length of 8 to 12 pages. Please note our strict "No Paper, No Podium" and "No Podium, No Paper" policy.

It is critical that your full paper is provided on time because immediately after September 28, we will compile the submitted papers for the proceedings, which will be distributed at registration to all conference attendees. This is a very important deadline, and we cannot afford any exceptions to this rule.

Before we can publish any paper, a copyright clearance form must be processed. Please fill in the copyright transfer form and sign it, also by the appropriate representatives (if applicable) and sent the scanned version by e-mail to issfd2015@dlr.de.

Papers will eventually be published electronically at the permanent ISSFD website.

"No Paper, No Podium" and "No Podium, No Paper" Policy

If a written paper is not submitted by the full paper deadline, authors will not be permitted to present the paper at the symposium. Full papers are due by September 28, 2015. It is the responsibility of those authors whose papers are accepted to ensure that a representative attends the conference to present the paper. If an author does not give their scheduled presentation, the paper will be removed from the conference proceedings and list of published papers. These policies are intended to prevent no-shows and improve the quality of the event for attendees.

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