3rd  International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics

Darmstadt, Germany, 20 - 23 October, 1986

The 3rd  ISSFD was organized by ESA/ESOC (European Space Agency / European Space Operations Center).





SESSION 1: Flexible Body Dynamics - Chairman: J. Van der Ha, S. Pallaschke, R.W. Longman & P. de Broeck

R.W. Longman & J.V. Fedor

Dynamics During Thrust Maneuvres Of Flexible Spinning Satellites With Axial And Radial Booms [paper ]

S.K. Shrivastava, P.S. Goel, M. Seetharama Bhat & A.G. Sreenatha

Dynamics Of An Actively Controlled Flexible Earth Observation Satellite [paper ]

A.M. Ibrahim & V.J. Modi

A Formulation For Studying Steady State/Transient Dynamics Of A Large Class Of Spacecraft And Its Application [paper ]

S. Monaco, D.N. Cyrot & S. Stornelli

Sampled Nonlinear Control For Large Angle Maneuvres Of Flexible Spacecraft [paper ]

R.A. Calico & R.L. Hinrichsen

The Effects Of Structural Perturbations On Decoupled Control [paper ]

P. Hagedorn & J.T. Schmidt

Active Vibration Damping Of Flexible Structures Using The Travelling Wave Approach [paper ]

SESSION 2: Halo Orbits - Chairman: J. Van der Ha & W. Flury

P.E. Eliasberg, T.A. Timokhava & M.N. Boyarski

The Flight Maintenance In The Vicinity Of A Libration Centre And The One-Impulse Transfer Trajectory To The Limited Orbit In This Region [paper ]

C. Simó, G.Gómez, J. Llibre & R. Martínez

Station Keeping Of A Quasiperiodic Halo Orbit Using Invariant Manifolds [paper ]

J. Rodriguez-Canabal

Operational Halo Orbit Maintenance Technique For SOHO [paper ]

SESSION 3: Mission Analysis: Interplanetary Trajectories - Chairman: F. Hechler, P. de Broeck, M. Hechler & J. Van der Ha

M. Noton, S.V. Salehi & C.A. Elliott

Low Thrust Navigation For A Comet-Nucleus Sample-Return Mission [paper ]

M. Belló Mora & M. Hechler

Gravity-Assist Orbits [paper ]

L.C.W. Dixon & Z.A. Maany

To Bus And Back [paper ]

H. Schlingloff

A Trajectory Optimization Program For Spacecraft Navigation [paper ]

F. Bonneau, J. Bernard & J. Foliard

Tools For Interplanetary Mission Analysis [paper ]

SESSION 4: Geostationary Satellites - Chairman: E. Soop & S. Pallaschke

S. Ono

State Estimation Algorithm Considering Attitude Motion For Apogee Motor Burning Of Geostationary Satellite [paper ]

Ph. Desroches & D. El Baz

Application Of Dynamic Programming To Station Acquisition Of A Geostationary Satellite [paper ]

A. Tanaka & Mirota, H. Mineno, M. Miyashita

Station-Keeping Methods For Two Broadcasting Satellites In The Same Geostationary Position [paper ]

M.J. Smalley & D.A. Young

Optimisation Of Worst Case Perigee Raising Strategy [paper ]

K. Kaku & M. Horii

Efficient Estimation Scheme For Spin-Axis Attitude Drift In The Keeping Phase [paper ]

SESSION 5: Experience In Interplanetary Fligth - Chairman: R.E. Münch & J. Van der Ha

T. Nishimura, T. Takano, T. Yamada, T. Kato, T. Jano, T. Wakaki, T. Mikami, A. Ushikoshi & N. Mizutani

Orbit Determination Of Sakigake And Suisei Encountering Halley's Comet [paper ]

T. Morley, F. Hechler, S. Jappe, N. Mottinger & R. Premkumar

GIOTTO Interplanetary Orbit Determination [paper ]

P. de Broeck, F. Hechler, P. Kristiansen & A. Sukhanov

Comet Halley Orbit Determination By Means Of The Pathfinder Data: Methods Used And Results Obtained [paper ]

R.W. Farquhar, D.W. Dunham & S.C. Hsu

Orbital Acrobatics In The Sun-Earth-Moon System [paper ]

SESSION 6: Precise Orbit Determination - Chairman: K. Wakker, P. de Broeck, Ch. Reigber & S. Pallaschke

Ch. Reigber

Survey On Status And Prospect Of Earth Gravity Models For Precise Orbit Determination In Connection With Geodynamic Applications [paper ]

J.M. Dow & R.E. Münch

Precise Orbit Determination At ESOC: Experience, Results And Implications For Future ESA Missions [paper ]

R. Noomen, B.A.C. Ambrosius, K.F. Wakker & H.J.D. Piersma

European Laser Station Positioning From LAGEOS Laser Ranging [paper ]

H. Hauck

Computation Of Precise Station Coordinates Using Laser Ranging [paper ]

Y. Labrune, F. Nouel & C. Jayles

Precise Orbit Determination With The DORIS System And The Associated Zoom Software [paper ]

T.P. Yunck, Sien-Chong Wu & Jiun-Tsong Wu

Near-Optimal Strategies For Sub-Decimeter Satellite Tracking With GPS [paper ]

J. Stark

Aerodynamic Modelling Of Spacecraft For Precise Orbit Determination [paper ]

H. Landau & G.W. Hein

On Precise Orbit Determination Of NAVSTAR/GPS Satellites And A Related European Tracking Network [paper ]

A. Caporali, F. Palutan, A. Cenci, M. Fermi & R.M. Montereali

An Analysis Of The Orbital Evolution Of LAGEOS From September 1983 To October 1984 [paper ]

L.G. Agrotis & J.M. Dow

A New Analysis Of The Seasat Tracking Data [paper ]

SESSION 7: On-Board Systems And Spacecraft Hardware - Chairman: E. Scott & S. Pallaschke

C.K. Leong, N. Matthews, L.V. Holtz & A.G. Bird

An In-Orbit Demonstration Of Recovery From Flat Spin For A Momentum Bias Controlled Communications Spacecraft: OTS [paper ]

E. Schutte, H. Meier & E. Weih

GIOTTO AOCMS On-Board Software [paper ]

O. Ojanguren

IUE: One Year With Only Two Gyroscopes [paper ]

H. Bokhove, P.P. Jonker, L.W. van der Kolk & C. Roos

The TPD Off-Axis Startracker (TOAST) [paper ]

K. Ninomiya, Y. Ogawara, Y. Kameda & T. Okamoto

CCD Fine Sun Sensor For Scientific Satellites [paper ]

J.J. Pocha

An Experimental Investigation Of Spacecraft Sloshing [paper ]

J. Kollien & J. Weiss

Interpolation Of Performance Parameters For Catalytic Hydrazine Thrusters [paper ]

A. Ercoli Finzi & F. Venditti

Automatic Docking Manoeuvre And Attitude Control System [paper ]

SESSION 8: Analytical And Numerical Methods For Orbital Mechanics - Chairman: Y. Kozai & J. Van der Ha

F. Debatin, A. Tilgner & F. Hechler

Fast Numerical Integration Of Interplanetary Orbits [paper ]

A. Abad, M. Arribas & A. Elipe

The Use Of Euler Parameters In The Rotation Of A Satellite Near L4 [paper ]

C. Ulivieri & A. Agneni

Long-Term Orbit Prediction Of High-Altitude Earth Satellites [paper ]

S. Ferrer & M.L. Sein-Echaluce

Time Transformation And Linearization On Radial Intermediaries In The Zonal Earth Artificial Satellite Theory [paper ]

Gao Huai-bao & Luo Ker-zhuong

The Newton-Raphson Method In Orbit Determination [paper ]

V.N. Nguyen

Onboard Orbit Determination Using Data Relay Satellite [paper ]

J.M. Ferrándiz

A New Set Of Conical Variables For Orbit Calculation [paper ]

SESSION 9: Precise Attitude Determination - Chairman: L. Fraiture & S. Pallaschke

W.W. Black & W. Salter

HIPPARCOS On-Board Attitude Determination [paper ]

E. Canuto & F. Donati

On-Ground Attitude Reconstitution Of The HIPPARCOS Satellite [paper ]

J.C. Van der Ha & S.P. Caldwell

HIPPARCOS Precise Attitude Determination: A Balance Between On-Board And On-Ground Capabilities [paper ]

SESSION 10: Attitude Determination For Spinning Spacecraft - Chairman: J.A. Massart & P. de Broeck

M. Bollner & G. Schneiders

Attitude Determination & Control For The X-Ray Satellite ROSAT [paper ]

L. Fraiture

Attitude Reconstruction Filters: Yes Or No? [paper ]

K. Ninomiya, N. Muranaka & M. Uo

Attitude Determination For Japan's FIrst Interplanetary Flights, 'Sakigake' And 'Suisei' [paper ]

J. Fertig

Inflight Experience WIth The ESA Starmapper During The GIOTTO Mission [paper ]

SESSION 11: Miscellaneous - Chairman: P. de Broeck & J. Van der Ha

R.K. Osburn

Manned Spaceflight Trajectory Operations - The Differences [paper ]

J.A. Massart & A. Schültz

Doppler Measurements As A Source Of Attitude Information For The Ulysses Spacecraft [paper ]

SESSION 12: Evaluation And Tracking Systems - Chairman: R. Osburn & P. de Broeck

S. Pallaschke & M. Schäfer, O. Mikkelsen

Review Of ESA Tracking Facilities And Their Contribution To The Orbit Determination [paper ]

A. Guitart, R. Mesnard & F. Nouel

Cartel: A Method To Calibrate S-Band Ranges With Geostationary Satellites [paper ]

SESSION 13: Ground Systems - Chairman: S. Pallaschke & J. Van der Ha

B. Belon, J.C. Berges, G. Campan & P. Legendre

Mercator: A New Ground System For Orbit And Attitude Control [paper ]

A. Yamamoto, M. Sawabe & Y. Fujita, T. Shimizu, Y. Katsumata & T. Morimoto

NASDA's Operational Orbit Computation System For Late 80's [paper ]

L. Ljunge

The Swedish Viking Satellite - The Concept And In-Orbit Experiences [paper ]


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